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Land Search Filters Limitations

How It Works

We have 4 filters on our Advanced Search page that have a caveat to them. The filter will only be applied at the initial county level pricing. When you input values into these filters, they will modify the search result's target areas to ensure that, at the county pricing, all of the target acreages meet your desired criteria. However, any modification to the pricing after the search is completed may affect the validity of the filters. What this means is that if you select Geo Pricing, adjustments to the property's price from our geo modeling may cause the resulting market or offer price to be outside of your original filter criteria.

Why Does It Work This Way?

The reason it is set up this way is due to our inability to know each property's price prior to exporting the data from our data provider. We are able to model at a high level (county pricing) and apply filters that way, but we would need to own all of the property data and have it pre-priced in order to fully make this filter work the way we would hope.

Which Filters Follow This Pattern?

​Min Market Price/Acre

​Max Market Price/Acre

Min Purchase Price

Max Purchase Price

Is There A Workaround?

The best workaround we can currently offer is to include padding in your targeted filter ranges. For example, if you wanted your minimum purchase price to be $10,000, we would recommend inputting $12,000 if you planned to use Geo Pricing. This would allow our geo pricing module some room to make it's adjustments without violating your desired end state. This will not guarantee results, but rather minimize the final number of properties that end up outside of your boundaries. 

The other alternative is to utilize the Purchase Price scrub filter on the Scrub Filters selection screen. Please note, this will only filter the records out of your scrubbed file, but will not prevent them from being exported.

What is the purchase price scrub filter?

The purchase price scrub filter will take your inputted values from the Min and Max Purchase price filters in the advanced search and use them to filter out the property records after export. While this filter will not prevent the records from being exported, it will easily remove the properties that do not meet your purchase price criteria and place them in the scrubbed out file in your export package.



What Is Being Done To Make This Better?

We are currently in the process of acquiring our own property database in order to make these filters work more effectively, at all price levels. It's our goal that all of our filters would ensure maximum savings when it comes to removing data from your resulting dataset.

Other Considerations

Something else to note about these filters is that they will modify the acreage ranges of the results. What is happening is that the filters are testing the validity of the acreage and price/acre against your specified value at every 0.01 acre increment. It will continue to reduce the size of your acreage range until your criteria is met. In some cases, it will eliminate acreage ranges entirely if there are no valid acreages at that price/acre. For example:

Assume your initial search was for 0 - 2 acres in increments of 0.5. What our system will do is break this search up into 4 discrete groupings (0 - 0.5 | 0.5 - 1 | 1 - 1.5 | 1.5 - 2). From there we will model and price each range independently. If you have any of the above filters applied, what we do is for each grouping, we will check the price/acre * acreage at every 0.01 increment. If the test does not meet your criteria, we will modify the resulting grouping. So you may see results that look something like 0.19 - 0.5 | 0.5 - 1 | 1 - 1.5 | 1.5 - 1.61.

Please contact support if you have any questions or concerns.

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