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Profit Forecasting

Curious to know how many properties you need to flip to hit your goal? How many letters to actually send? Or how to properly estimate your future cash flow? Utilize our forecasting tool to model out simple parameters and get an easy to view breakdown of your numbers!
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 Monthly fixed costs (call services, virtual assistants, etc.)
The average price you typically purchase a property for.
The average price you would try to sell a property, based on your purchase price.
Your current or estimated cost to close a transaction (Title, Deed Transfer, etc.)
1 Deal
1000 Letters Mailed
Your current cost to download each line of data
Your current cost to send each letter out
Total letters you have to send in order to get a deal. Also known as conversion rate.
1000 Letters Per Month
Monthly Output



Includes $ Letter Cost


X Deals/Month

Note, these numbers are estimates, and will not guarantee results.
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