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Frequently Asked Questions



What is PRYCD?

PRYCD is an all-in-one real estate marketing tool that allows you to search where to send your next mailer, price your mailer, download owner records, and scrub your list for a fast and easy hand-off to your mail service or digital marketing provider.

Why should I choose PRYCD?

PRYCD is your partner when choosing where and what to mail.  We provide you with the research, comps, metrics, and models that help assist you in pricing target locations and get letters out the door quickly.  PRYCD not only adds pricing ease, but also acquisition efficiency.


Does PRYCD do more than just pricing my properties?

Yes! PRYCD is an all-in-one acquisition tool that provides you with research, rapid searching, location analysis, owner record downloading, and file scrubbing to help you get your mail marketing campaign out the door quickly and effectively.

Does PRYCD teach a specific pricing process?

Our goal is not to teach our members a new process, but to automate the process that they have already learned or mastered.


Is PRYCD an easy button and will it do my thinking for me?

No, unfortunately it can't do that.  As wonderful as PRYCD is, you still have to think carefully and make your own decisions at the end when deciding where to send mail and what to put in your offers.

How many total comps do you have across the United States?

Currently, we have over 2 Million For Sale and Sold comps across the United states from reputable sites such as Zillow,, Redfin, Lands of America, and LandFlip.

Do I need a DataTree Subscription?

No! You do not need a DataTree Subscription when you sign up with us.  We are DataTree licensed providers and allow you to download records right from our site. Our platform allows you to get cheaper access to data without putting a bunch of money down or getting locked into year long contracts.

What source do you use for owner/property records?

We are DataTree licensed providers.  All of our owner record data comes directly from DataTree.

What if I get an error message while searching?

First, try refreshing your page and retry your search to see if that clears up any error.  If you still receive an error message, please contact PRYCD support.

How often does DataTree update their Data?  Is there a way to know when a specific county's data is updated?

DataTree updates their data nightly.  To known when specific counties update their data, we recommend reaching out the county assessor's office to understand how quickly they are able to record their own data and add the information to their database.

I emailed support but never received a response back.  What should I do next?

If you don't receive a response back from us within 72 hours, please check your spam folder to see if our email went there by accident.  If you still don't see a response, please send us another email restating your original email.

I am looking for the remaining Easter Eggs on this site. Where are they? And how many are there?

They are all over the place! Not here though, we can't make it too easy! If we told you how many there were, you would know when to stop looking! The higher the Easter Egg number, the harder they become to find (and the more records they give you)




What can I search?

You can search states, counties, or cities.  In all scenarios, we currently provide results at a county level within a specific acreage range.

Are there any limitations on how many places I can search at one time?

Currently, we are capable of searching areas that contain up to 160 counties.  If your search criteria contains more than 160 counties, we'll ask you to narrow your search criteria until it's under our limit.

Am I able to filter my search?

You can filter your search criteria by clicking the Advanced Search dropdown just below the search bar.  There, you will have access to all of our advanced search filters to narrow down your search criteria.


Are you able to add more search inputs and filters?

Yes!  We have the ability to create any DataTree advanced search field and put it in our own search criteria.  Our strategy from the beginning has been to start with the minimum and then allow our users to tell us what they would like to use.  This way, we only provide you with search fields that provide value and eliminate the fields that don't.




How many rows of results can you show at any one time?

We are limited to providing you with a max of 200 results.  Please keep in mind that there may actually be more results that meet your search criteria than we can actually display for you.  To ensure you're viewing every result, please minimize your search criteria to fit within our 200 result limit.

How many owner/property records can I download per result row?

We are able to download up to 10,000 records per result row, and up to 25,000 total records per export.  

At what level do you price at?

We currently have the capability to price at the county, city or geo (lat/lon) level. Our results are returned at the county level, and we provide the tools to customize pricing within each target set.

Am I able to customize my pricing?

Yes! You are able to customize your pricing at both the county and city level by either using our % of Market slider tool or by putting an exact offer price/acre into one of our custom pricing input boxes on the analysis page or within the city pricing pop-up page.

How often is PRYCD data updated?

We update our data monthly.


How often is DataTree's data updated?

DataTree updates their data nightly.  




Are your scrubbing features performed before or after download?

All scrubbing features on our scrubbing filters page will be performed after download.  The total record amount you see on our analysis page is the total number of records you will download and be charged for.  If you would like to filter down results before downloading, please use the fields on our search page under our advanced search criteria.

I use different scrubbing filters in my own business.  Can we add them here?

Yes!  Once we've determined that the filter is viable and useful to our customers as a whole, we can gladly implement the scrubbing feature into our scrubbing filter page.

PRYCD Final List File
PRYCD Final List File

Are the files I download from your site different that what I get on DataTree?

Our files are downloaded directly from DataTree, so there is no difference between downloading directly from DataTree or from us!

Will I get the full Property Detail Exports from your site?

Yes. We download a Property Detail Export file that contains over 200 different owner and property fields.

How often is the Owner data updated?

The data you pull from us is downloaded directly from DataTree in real time when you click the download button. The frequency at which DataTree updates their data varies. DataTree uses a rolling update method to get new information from County Assessor offices. So the two events that will dictate how up to date the data is are when the County Assessor makes updates to their system, and when DataTree requests the updated information from the County Assessor. We have seen this range anywhere between 2 - 6 weeks, depending on the county.

How do you remove duplicate owners?

We remove duplicate Owners by looking solely at the mailing address and owner mailing name. If two owners have the same name but different mailing addresses, they will both be included.

How do I use a KML file?

KML files (Keyhole Markup Language) is a specific format created by Google to visualize information in a mapping software. Our recommendation is to download Google Earth and open the .kml file using that. You can also visit and open the .kml file there!


I am unable to open the KML file in Google Earth on Safari?

To open your KML file with the Safari Browser, you must first upload the file to Google Drive and then import it from there. Safari currently does not support direct KML file importing.

My APNs are being truncated in Excel, why is this happening?

This is an interesting Excel issue. When you open a .csv in Excel, it will automatically try to format number columns. Additionally, it will truncate some numbers in the process of doing so, and will display them as scientific notation. The data in the .csv is correct, and still preserved. This is simply an Excel formatting issue. The workaround is as follows:

Option 1

  1. Click the Home tab in Excel

  2. Click the formatting dropdown

  3. Click More Number Formats

  4. Click Custom

  5. Click 0

Option 2

  1. Upload the .csv file to your Google Drive

  2. Open the .csv file in Google Sheets (you will notice the APNs in Sheets are correct)

  3. Download from Sheets to an Excel file

  4. Open in Excel

My Zip Codes are only 4 digits long? Where is the leading 0?

Not to fear! This is simply an excel formatting issue. Highlight the column, and under formats select the following:

  • More Number Formats

    • Special​

      • Zip Code​

We want to note that while excel may show it as 4 digits, the .csv file has the correct zip code in it. However, if you save the excel file to a new .csv file, without changing this formatting, you will lose the leading 0 contained in the original .csv file.

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