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PRYCD Pricing Schemes

How it Works

Our different pricing schemes will determine how we price your vacant land property data. Each level has a different value proposition depending on your strategy! To read about some of the strategies we use in our modeling, please visit our Pricing Strategy Page.

County Pricing

County pricing is our original pricing model. For each acreage range in your search results, we will create a modeled price/acre using all the comps in our database that are in that county and acreage range. This scheme is highly configurable, as you can view and modify the expected price/acre right on the results page prior to exporting. The benefit of this model is the simplicity and customizability, and the downside is that it is not specific to any particular property.

City Pricing

City pricing is our next level of pricing, and is built upon county pricing. City pricing will take each acreage range in your search results and create a modeled price/acre using all of the comps in our database that are in that county, acreage range AND city. This allows for a more granular modeling structure tailored to each city. City pricing is also highly configurable by using the "City Pricing" button on the results page. Similar to county pricing, the city pricing has a benefit of being simple and customizable, and attempts to create pricing more relevant to a particular property.

Geo Pricing

Geo pricing is our most modern pricing model. To read more about how geo pricing works in detail, click here. Geo pricing is applied after the property data is exported, and therefore is not as configurable as the other schemes. One downside to geo pricing is that we will not know what the price/acre of a property will be until after the data is exported. However, geo pricing is what we believe to be the most accurate model, as the comps used for modeling are the most relevant to the property being priced. We are continuing to add new modeling parameters every month, and we strongly encourage feedback to optimize this scheme!

Please contact support if you have any questions or concerns.

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