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Comp API

Interested in analyzing comps for your process flow? We've got you covered! With over 2 Million comps in our database, we offer the most extensive coverage and provide you with the easiest access to the information you need. Instead of navigating to every listing site, you will be able to pull all of the comps from any county, city and acreage range with a single click!


My User ID (API Key)



Steps to Get Set Up

  1. Please contact us and let us know which tier you'd like to start with!

  2. We will respond with your User ID, which you will use in all of your requests.

  3. Monthly invoices will begin 2 weeks after the start date.

  4. We recommend using the Google Sheets API Connector Plug-In if you are not familiar with APIs.

  5. To cancel or change your tier, please contact us.

Steps to Get Set Up

  1. Because you are on our annual plan, our Comp API is free for you to use!

  2. Your User ID (API Key) is shown above. Check it out!

  3. We recommend using the Google Sheets API Connector Plug-In if you are not familiar with APIs.

Connecting Via Google Sheets

You don't need to be an engineer to connect to our Comp API. Follow these easy steps below:

  1. Install the Google Sheets API Connector

  2. Create a new Google Sheet

  3. On the top menu, hover over Add-Ons

    1. Select API Connector

    2. Select Open

  4. On the right hand pane, select Add New​

  5. Input the following parameters:

    1. Method - GET

    2. API Url Path - Paste the url created in the API Docs

  6. Click Run

  7. That's it! Your sheet should look something like This Example

  8. NOTE: Google Sheets API Connector is a free resource. There is a limitation on how frequently you can pull data (8 requests/day)

How can I search?

We currently have 2 methods to search for comps via API

  1. Search for comps by county and state

  2. Search for comps within a radius around a latitude and longitude

  3. Filter for comps using the following values

    • Acreage​

    • Price

    • City

    • Zip Code

    • Comp Type (For Sale/Sold)

    • Source

    • List/Sold Date


What Comp data do I receive?

The following fields will be returned for each comp

  1. Price

  2. Acreage

  3. Price/Acre

  4. City

  5. Zip Code

  6. Source

  7. Description

  8. Source URL

  9. Image URL (if available)

  10. Status (Sold/For Sale)

  11. Updated Date

  12. Lat/Long

  13. List Date/Sold Date

  14. Distance to Lat/Long (if applicable)


*Comps are counted for each calendar month. If you hit your limit and would like to be reset, we will charge you half of your plan's cost to do so. Limit 1 reset/month.

What is an API request?


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