The one thing you can never get back in this world is time. So why waste it? PRYCD was created to simplify and accelerate the acquisition process for real estate entrepreneurs utilizing direct mail marketing campaigns. Spending time generating these campaigns is a thing of the past!  


    We took the manual process of identifying locations to mail, pulling owner records, pricing parcels, and scrubbing data and condensed it into a simple to use and powerful online web application. What used to take hours or days now takes seconds. By delivering a lighting speed front end acquisition process, we're able to make up lost time so you can focus on what matters most in your business...buying and selling real estate.


How Did We Get Here?


    In 2018 we had high hopes to buy and sell land through direct mail market campaigns. However, as beginners to the land investing process and full-time employees, we struggled to identify the best areas to send offers and how to appropriately price parcels in a timely manner.

    With our background in product development, we started looking for ways to help us speed up our acquisition process, but nothing existed that satisfied our needs, or our budget. So, we set out to make our own tool! A few months of late nights and "sick days" from work, and our first product was complete. We recognized the value of what we had created, and thought we would validate its worth by emailing people and getting their feedback. The responses were telling; they loved it! So instead of making it our tool, we decided we would spend the time providing a tool for other investors like us who loved the ease of use and the insights our tool provided.


    It has now been four months since our July 2020 release and we've been blown away by the positive response to PRYCD from the REI community.  It's been amazing to hear the countless hours we've saved users from prepping and pricing their mailers and the success stories of buying and selling land and properties that go along with it. We have been able to meet some incredible people and we have learned so much from this process.


    We've listened to the feedback from our users and have proudly added new features along the way such as our land research page, city pricing, countless DataTree owner record filters, and our most recent addition...the launch of our house tab!

    We are so excited to see where PRYCD can go from here, and our mission remains the same: To provide rapid land and house evaluation and pricing for more efficient property acquisition and sales.

Meet the Team
Ryan Doucet

Ryan is a software engineer with a background in computer science and web application development. He is currently getting his masters at UT Austin in Computer Science with a focus in Artificial Intelligence. In his free time, Ryan loves to develop software and build computers.

Jonah Doucet
Marketing/Customer Relations

Jonah is a marketing strategist with a background in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science. He is currently getting his MBA at Washington State with a focus in Marketing. In his free time, Jonah loves to go rock climbing and hike with his dog.

Max Edson

Max has been involved with real estate for the past two years and is a program manager with a background in economics and business management.  He is currently getting his lean six sigma green belt certification that focuses on process improvement techniques and strategies.  In his free time, Max enjoys building data analytics models for various industry sectors.

Our Story
Our Timeline and Future Vision
Future Improvements
  • Adding Comp Geo-Location (Lat & Long)

  • Pricing by Comp Geo-Location

  • Pricing by Comp Land Type

  • Adding Lasso to House Search Page

17 January 2020
  • Added For Sale and Sold Comp Price Weighting

  • Added County Land Use Codes to Scrubbed File

  • Added Land Tip #20: How to Weight Our For Sale and Sold Comps for Offer Pricing

  • Added Campaign Mapping Example Video

  • Added KML File Folders In Google Earth To Select/Unselect Owner Records, For Sale Comps, and Sold Comps

3 January 2021
  • Added Download Option (KML File) That Displays For Sale Comps, Sold Comps, and Owner Records All On a Google Earth Map

  • Added KML File Option to List Upload

  • Updated For Sale and Sold Comps

  • Upgraded Research Heat Maps Utilizing Tableau Functionality

  • Increased Download Size to 25k

  • Added New Download Process to How It Works Pages

  • Added Lat & Long to Comp API

  • Added Land Tip #18: How to Exclude In State or Out of State Owners

  • Added Land Tip #19: How to Choose Different

  • Added Ability to Update Saved Searches

20 December 2020
  • Remove Duplicate Owners Before Downloading

  • Added List Upload Pricing to Other Services

  • Add Consulting Calls on Support Page

  • Added Alternate APN to Scrubbed Field Selections

  • Added City Pricing Parameters to Download File

  • Added Forecasting Tool

  • Added Default Checkbox to Scrub Filters Page

  • Added Owner Name Filter to Search Page

  • Added Land Tip #15: How to Choose Your Comp Set

  • Added Land Tip #16: How to Get a Quick Owner Record Count

  • Added Land Tip #17: How to Filter Out Structures

6 December 2020
  • Added House Tip #3: Ways to Search

  • Added House Tip #4: Using Our Radius Around City Feature

  • Added Land Tip #14: How to Choose Your Property Type

  • Added Owner Name Filter to Land Search Page

  • Added Default Show Offer Price All Increments Checkbox on Result Analysis Page

  • Added Default Apply City Pricing Checkbox on Result Analysis Page

  • Added a Third Acreage Increment for Land Search Page

  • Improved Trustee Name Extraction on Scrubbed File

  • Added 

22 November 2020
  • Added Data to Comps

  • Updated Comp Database

  • Added Polygon Tool to Land Search Page

  • Added Ability to Create Offer Price Models based on For Sale, Sold, or For Sale and Sold Comps

  • Added Example Data to Comp API Other Services Page

  • Updated Redfin Data For House Results Page

  • Added HOA Filter to House Search Page

  • Added Comp Filters for Land

  • Added House Tip #3: Using our Radius Around City Feature

  • Added Land Tip #13: How to Use Our Lasso Tool to Search

8 November 2020
  • Added House Tip #1: Ways to Search

  • Added House Tip #2: Using Multi-Search

  • Added Land Step-by-Step Process Flow Video

  • Added Option to Append Offer Prices to Scrub File in 5% Increments from 0% to 100% of Market Value

  • Added a Scrub Filter Template Creation Page

  • Added Instructional Videos to How PRYCD Works For Houses Page

  • Added Redfin Housing Metric Data on House Results Page (Baseline, MoM, and YoY % Changes)

  • Added Agricultural Land To Land Uses on Land Tab of Search Page

  • Added Residential Income and Other Property Uses on House Tab of Search Page

  • Added Ability to Download City Pricing Data

  • Added Ability to Download Owner Records Without Pricing Models

  • Added Partners to Bottom of Home Page

  • Updated Housing UX/UI

25 October 2020
  • Added More Redfin Data To Housing Results

  • Added Custom Offer Price Sliding Bar for House Pricing

  • Added House Preview Mode for Record Downloads

  • Added Square Feet to Scrub File

  • Added Subdivision to Scrub File

  • Added Tip #12: How to Select Your Flood Zone Codes

  • Made SFR Default Property Type for Houses

  • Added House Price Explanation

  • Added Tax Delinquent Filter to Land Advanced Search Criteria

  • Added Scrub Page for Houses

  • Added Investor Marketplace Details

  • Updated Our Story

  • Added Two New PRYCD Members to Our Story Page

 18 October 2020
  • Beta Release of House Tab w/ House Pricing

  • Added How PRYCD Works for Houses

  • Added Get Count to Search Page

  • Added HOA Filter to Advanced Search

  • Updated Comps Databased

  • Added Select All Button To Analysis Results Page

  • Added Tip #11: Excluding Corporate Owned Properties to How PRYCD Works for Land

11 October 2020
  • Added Tip #10: How to choose land type to How it Works Videos

 4 October 2020
  • Added Market Improvement Value ($) Filter to Advanced Search Criteria

  • Added ability to Sort by Parcels On Market Ratio on Parcel Analysis Page

  • Added Geo-Location County Look-Up on Parcel Analysis Page

27 September 2020
  • Added Zip Code Filter to Search Page

  • Added Scrub Field Definitions to How it Works Page

20 September 2020
  • Added Additional Search Button to Bottom of Advanced Search Dropdown

  • Added Ability to Export My Exports Table Under Account Page

  • Added 2x Referral Bonus

13 September 2020
  • Comp Data Updated

  • Added Default Sort Selection to Research Analysis Page

  • Added Total Data Tree Parcels to Data Table on Research Page

  • Added Feature That Adds a Parcel's City and Zip Code to the Downloaded Scrub File if That Information is Missing When Downloading From DataTree

  • Added How Land and House Flipping Works Page

  • Added Interactive City Pricing Pop-Up Picture to How PRYCD Works Page

6 September 2020
  • Added Owner Record Download Preview Feature

  • Added APN Block Filter on Search Page

  • Added YouTube Videos to How It Works Page

  • Added Hidden "Free Record Eggs" All Over the Site for Users to Find

30 August 2020
  • Added Example Videos on Research Page

    • Heat Map Data Table Example Video​

    • Land Coverage Map Example Video

    • Sold to For Sale Map Example Video

    • Parcels on Market Ratio Map Example Video

    • Coefficient of Variation Map Example Video

    • Economic Map Example Video

    • U.S. Population Density Map Example Video

  • Added City Filter to Search Page

  • Added APN Range to Search Page

23 August 2020
  • Added Beta Version of City Pricing

  • Added City Pricing Breakdown Chart

  • Increased search results to 200 target locations

  • Added secondary acreage range and increment

  • Added Scrub filters to Data Download File

  • Enabled the Ability to Download Research Data Into an Excel Spreadsheet

  • Added More Economic Data to Charts on Research Page

    • Includes Economic Scores​

    • US Mean/Median Scores

    • URLs to Economic Sources

  • Completed Comps API​

16 August 2020
  • Added Referral Program

  • Enabled Ability to Download Comps Into an Excel Spreadsheet

  • Enabled the Ability to Download Result Analysis Data Into an Excel Spreadsheet

  • Added Plus Subscription Plans

  • Added Four levels of Filtering on Research Page Data Table

  • Added Testimonials

9 August 2020
  • Added New Research Data Table

  • Increased County Search Max to 160

  • Added Zoning Filter to Search Page

  • Added Living Area (Sq Ft) Filter to Search Page

  • Added Last Sale Price Filter to Search Page

  • Added Listing Status Filter to Search Page

  • Broke Up PRYCD Custom Scrub Filter Into Separate Filters to Include:

    • Church Owners Filter​

    • Government Owners Filter

    • Corporate Owners Filter

  • Added Estimated Scrub Owner Record Reduction For Each Scrub Filter

  • Updated How it Works Page to Reflect Changes

2 August 2020
  • Partnered with Casual Fridays REI

  • Updated Comp Database. Now at 1,052,577 Total Comps Across the United States

  • Added Investor Marketplace Page

  • Added Other Resources Page (Added Service to License our Comp Database Via API)

  • Updated Research Heat Maps

  • Added Undivided Interest/Surface Rights Scrub Filter

  • Split up PRYCD Owner Filter into Individual Filters

  • Added new DataTree filters (Living Area, Zoning)

26 July 2020
  • Added Changeable Percent of Market Value Default

  • Added Days on Market Heat Map to Research Page

  • Added Parcels on Market Heat Map to Research Page

  • Added Price Variation Heat Map to Research Page

  • Added Population Density Heat Map to Research Page

  • Added Assessed Market Value to Scrub File

  • Added LMS Data to Scrub File

  • Added Assessed Value ($) Filter to Search Page

  • Added Video Examples to Each Section of the How it Works Page

  • Added New Example Walk through Video

19 July 2020
  • You Can Now Export 10,000 Records Per Row

  • Moved to Email System to Provide Export Files

  • Switched to Property Detail Exports

  • Added Legal Description

  • Added How it Works Example Videos

  • Added Search Parameters Display to Results Page

  • Added Ability to Delete a Saved Search Criteria

  • Added Subscription 

12 July 2020
  • Added Mailing Zip Code Filter to Advanced Search

  • Increased Search from 75 to 100 Counties at a Time

  • Increased analysis results from 40 to 60 max

  • Added Sorting feature to Analysis Results Table

  • Added Last Sales Date to Advanced Search

  • Added Feature to Save Multiple Search Criterion

  • Added Advanced Search filters to Export Parameters Export File

  • Added Census Tract Filter to Advanced Search

  • Add Selectable Land Use

  • Added Min Budget Filter to Advanced Search

5 July 2020
  • Added Export History under Account Page

  • Added Agricultural Land Use: Agricultural (nec)

  • Added Agricultural Land Use: Pasteur

  • Enlarged Favicon

  • Improved Paging Buttons on Parcel Analysis Page

  • Changed Examples Page to How it Works Page

  • Added Total Parcels Count for all Parcels Available on Parcel Analysis Page

  • Added descriptions under Research Graphs

28 June 2020
  • Created Research Page

  • Added Sold to For Sale Heat Map

  • Added Economic Heat Map

  • Added Decimal Range to Acreage Values

  • Added Assessed Improvement % to Search Page

  • Updated County Data

  • Added Market Price of all Parcels on Scrub File

  • Analysis Results now at 40 Max from 20 Max

  • Added ability to search multiple locations at once

  • Added Corporate Owned Include/Exclude filter

  • Added In State/Out-of-State Owner filter

  • Added Owner Occupied filter

  • Added Do Not Mail filter

  • Added In County/Out-of-County filter

  • Thank You Page Info Improvement

  • Added Forest Land Type

  • Added Expected Offer Price to Parcel Comps

  • Added ability to search exact acreage

21 June 2020
  • Added Comp URL

  • Added Comp For Sale or Sold Status

  • Updated parcel database

  • Added parameter file to download

  • Added Parcel Coverage Heat Map

  • Added Parcel % of Market Slider

  • Added all of Alaska bureaus and Virginia Independent Cities

  • Added Sold Comps to Database

4 July 2019

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