What is Land and House Flipping?

Land and House flipping is a real estate investment strategy where you acquire a property at a price usually below market value and then resell it to someone else at market value for a profit. 

How Do I Start?

One of the best ways to find and buy land and houses below market value is through direct mail market campaigns.  This entails sending out thousands of physical letters to property owners and offering to buy their "off market" property, usually at a steep discount.  Direct mail market campaigns are just the lead generation part of the process.  There are other important parts of the land flipping process to learn about that include processing leads, understanding due diligence, acquiring a property, and selling a property.  Below is a brief and general overview of the land and house flipping process.

Property Flipping Process

Click through the images to get an overview of the property flipping process!

Where can I learn?

The best resource we can recommend for learning this business is Casual Fridays REI. Justin and Adam do a fantastic job of breaking down the process and explaining the critical details needed to be successful!

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How can PRYCD help your business grow?

PRYCD holds a database of over 1 Million comps across the entire United States.  This allows us to provide you with a ton of data to make data driven decisions when narrowing down optimal locations to target.


PRYCD provides you with an opportunity to search entire states, counties, and cities within seconds.  You can also look at multiple locations and acreage ranges at once, allowing you to rapidly speed up your search time and search bandwidth.


PRYCD provides you with the tools and data to analyze multiple locations at one time allowing you to easily rank and select the locations you want to download property owner records.  We provide you with all of the comps, pricing, property owner records counts, and more so you can make a data driven decision.  

Download Data

PRYCD allows you to download property owner records directly from our website!  We have a licensing deal with a data company (DataTree) which allows you to not only download owner records for cheap, but also not get locked into any long term contracts.

Scrub Data

PRYCD automatically provides you with a cleaned up version of your data. The tedious process of organizing, filtering and prepping your data for merge is taken care of!

Price Data

PRYCD automatically adds customized offer prices to each property so it's ready to be mailed out in no time! Offer prices can be customized to your liking through our website.

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