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PRYCD Comp Reports


Comp reports are an incredible tool to view extremely valuable and detailed information about a property. Included in every report are the following items:

  1. General Property Overview

  2. PRYCD Pricing Breakdown (see below for details)

  3. PRYCD Suggested Market Price

  4. Comp Overview Data

  5. Comp csv Download

  6. Comp Overview Charts

  7. For Sale and Sold Comp Lists

  8. Historical Pricing Trends

  9. Property Slope Insights

  10. Property Septic Insights

  11. Property Roads Insights

  12. Offer Price Appendix

  13. Subdivision Price Appendix

  14. Pricing Rationale Appendix

  15. Owner Skip Traced Info Appendix

  16. Property Boundary (WKT)

  17. Additional Property Map (KML) with property boundary, comps, and insights plotted

PRYCD Pricing Breakdown

You may notice that we provide several different prices in our analysis. This is due to us having multiple pricing schemes of which you can use to analyze and price your data. The "PRYCD Suggested Market Price" will always show the Geo Pricing value.

Pricing Difference between Exported Lists and the Comp Report 

Occasionally you may notice that the suggested market price is different than the one supplied in your exported file. There can be several reasons for this:

  1. We've updated our comp database. We run an update on all of our comps every 6-8 weeks. Because of this, you may see minor fluctuations in the modeled prices. The date of our most recent update can be found on our Research Page

  2. You've adjusted your pricing parameters. We offer a wide variety of customization tools to give you full control over the data. However, the comp reports are run without any pricing input customization, so if you modified the comp distribution or comp weights during export, or adjusted your baseline county price/acre, the resulting prices may be different.

  3. Our model was recently updated. While this will not happen often, we do occasionally make adjustments in our modeling process as we receive feedback and learn more about what factors determine accurate pricing. 

Unavailable Latitude/Longitude

Occasionally there may be a situation where the property does not have a latitude or longitude. When this happens, we default these values to 0,0, which may yield some weird results. On the KML map, it will show the property as being somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, and unfortunately there will be no comp data, geo pricing data, or insight data available for that property.

Additional Resources and Links

Please contact support if you have any questions or concerns.

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