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Affiliate Program


Our affiliate program provides a simple and easy way to refer users from your platform to ours! The goal with our affiliate program is to enable your members to get discounts and deals with PRYCD, and for you to receive compensation for referring users!

How Does It Work?

  1. Email to ask about getting set up with our affiliate program

  2. If you meet our requirements (see below), we will set you up with a custom link to our home page

    • The link will look like

  3. Share this link with all of your members!

  4. When a user navigates to, it will take them to our homepage. Once they sign up for a plan, we will know that they came from you and add them to your tracker.

    • Users can confirm they used the correct link if they see your company name in the top right corner of the page (in green).​

  5. After a user purchases a plan, they will receive 400 free records for being a part of your affiliate program!

    • Records will come in the form of referrals. See My Referrals to view and redeem referrals.

    • Video on how to redeem referrals: Link

  6. At the end of each calendar quarter, we will compensate you 5% of the total gross revenue from owner records your users have downloaded, as well as $5 for each user that has signed up.

    • For efficiency and to reduce transfer fees, we will only pay out on quarters where you have met our minimum threshold of $600. If no payout occurs, we will carryover payment to the following quarter​.

  7. To track your progress, use the Affiliate Tracker section at the bottom of this page

    • We will provide you with an affiliate password when we set up your account​

Requirements to be an Affiliate

There is no exact minimum number of users required to be an affiliate. All we ask is that you tell us about your members, the kind of following you have, and what we can expect in terms of the type of users you will be referring. Are they land investors? House investors? Wholesalers? New? Experienced? While we love working with everyone, we may say no to an affiliate program if it is not a good match.

Please note if you are an educational course: Our original partner is Casual Fridays REI. We believe in loyalty and respect, and as such we will stand by our original partnership as the primary recommended educational course of our website.

Custom Strategies

If you plan to teach or advise a custom strategy to your members that will be using PRYCD, please consult with our team first to ensure they have the proper guidance on how to accomplish the strategy. We want to ensure that we are not answering the same question repeatedly for each of your members and that they have the best information available to accomplish what is being advised!

Additionally, if you would like to create custom search and filter templates for your members, please let us know. We can automatically clone your templates to your members' accounts when they sign up!


As our affiliate, we will give you full permission to use our name, logo, and training materials on your platform in order to share with your members or to market our partnership!

Tax Info

We will require all companies to submit a W-9 Request Form prior to beginning the affiliate program. We ask for this information upfront so that we are prepared once tax season arrives. The reason we require a minimum of $600 for payouts is to ensure that all payments to your company are tracked through 1099-MISC.

Terms of Use

We reserve the right to cancel or modify the terms of our affiliate program as we see fit. We will provide you with notice if there is anything that we plan to change. By signing up to be an affiliate, you are agreeing to our terms.

Affiliate Tracker

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