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Export Email Explained

When you click "Preview" or "Export" on our website, it kicks off our backend process to pull your data from our data provider, price it, scrub it, and package it all into a single zip file. We then email this zip file to you. This page will explain the contents of that email!

Subject Line

The subject line of the email will indicate if this was a Preview or a live Export. Preview will say PRYCD Preview Data, while a live Export will say PRYCD Export Data. To read more about our preview mode, please click HERE.


All data emails will come from Please ensure to whitelist this email if you run into issues receiving our emails. Please do not respond to these email, and instead submit support requests on our Support Page.



The body of your email should include the following information:

  1. Reference Number - Unique identifier for this export. Please include this reference number in any emails to us if you need help with issues regarding your export.

  2. Export Summary - See Below.

  3. Number of Duplicates - Optional - If you've elected to remove duplicate owners, this line will tell you how many records have been credited to your PRYCD account.

Export Summary

The export summary table will include the following columns:​

  1. County - The target county.

  2. Min Acreage/Max Acreage - The acreage range for this target location.

  3. Initial Record Count - The number of records that our data provider has for this particular county/acreage, applying all of the search filters you've chosen. This number will match the number shown on the results page table, and is the number of records you've paid for (duplicate credits not included).

  4. Exported Record Count - The number of records actually exported from this target location. If you've elected to remove duplicate owners, this number may be lower than the Initial Record Count. If this is a data preview, the number will always be 5 or less. If this number is 0 and the Initial Record Count is significantly higher, please see the Issues with your Data section. Occasionally this number can slightly differ from the Initial Record Count. This is expected behavior and is nothing to be concerned about.

  5. Final Record Count - This is the final number of records that remain from this target location after running the exported data through our Post Download Custom Scrub filters. All of the records removed during this stage are moved into the file Scrubbed Out Property Data.csv. These records are still formatted and priced, and also have the reason they were filtered out appended to the end of each row. The total at the bottom of this column will match the number of records in your PRYCD Final List.csv file. If you've selected Split Pricing as one of your download options, please also be aware that some properties may have been moved into the file PRYCD Final List - Needs Review.csv

Watch the Video

Attached to all of these emails will be your zip file! The zip file will be named PRYCD Preview Data (Date).zip for Previews and PRYCD Data (Date).zip for live Exports.

Multiple Exports Same Day

It is very common for members to export multiple times in the same day. If you do this, please be aware of how your email provider handles conversation mode. What can happen is several of our data emails will be stacked inside of a single thread, which may make it harder to find all of your exports.

Please contact support if you have any questions or concerns.

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