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Split Pricing Review Filter

How It Works

In order to ensure complete confidence in the data being provided, we have added this filter to separate properties that have pricing characteristics that do not meet our standard. The property data is perfectly fine, but there were likely factors that made us unable to properly price the property.


When using this option, we will generate two scrubbed files for you on export instead of one. The first is our standard PRYCD Final List.csv. All of these properties were accurately priced, and are ready to be mailed. The other, added file, will be named PRYCD Final List - Needs Review.csv. These are all of the properties that we will recommend verifying pricing. The lists will be unique, so the same property will not be in both of them.


For our Land tab, this filter will isolate properties that were not geo priced if Geo Pricing was selected. Factors that would cause a property to not be geo priced include lack of lat/long data, or too few nearby comps to create a valid pricing model for the property.

We anticipate between 5-10% of properties will be isolated.


For our House tab, this filter will isolate properties that did not have a valid AVM from DataTree. The AVM is a critical part of our pricing strategy, and as such we want to make sure properties missing the AVM are accounted for and reviewed.

We anticipate between 1-2% of properties will be isolated.

Please contact support if you have any questions or concerns.

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