DataTree Issues


This page is dedicated to explaining some of the potential issues you might run into with your data, and what you can potentially do to fix those issues. All of our property data is coming directly from First American DataTree in real time.


Export Count is 0


When running your export, you may see a 0 in the 2nd number column titled "Export Count". 

Cause 1

This particular county/acreage range has no properties. You can confirm this if the column to the left, titled "DataTree Count", is also 0.

Solution 1

No action required.

Cause 2

This particular county/acreage range had a few properties, but they were removed because of the duplicate owner filter. You can confirm this if the column to the left, titled "DataTree Count", is at or near 0.

Solution 2

No action required.

Cause 3

This particular county/acreage range failed to export properly, and we were unable to pull any properties. 

Solution 3

Please contact us. We will run your export again.

Property Acreage is Incorrect


In your exported data, the listed acreage of the property is substantially different than the acreage shown on the county website, or the acreage shows 0.


This can happen if the acreage is reported incorrectly, or if DataTree fails to correctly assess the county's reporting mechanism. The issue is typically isolated to a particular subdivision in a county.


Please contact DataTree Support. We are unable to fix issues directly associated with property data. Please provide the following information to DataTree:

  1. Property APN(s)

  2. Property State + County + Acreage

  3. DataTree Export - Raw.csv file

  4. That the data was pulled through their Property Detail Export

We will happily credit you for any records that have an incorrect acreage!

Please contact support if you have any questions or concerns.