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PRYCD Skip Tracing

How It Works for Exporting Data

Similar to our duplicate record credits, due to us not knowing which records will have a hit and which ones will not, if you select "Skip Trace Data" during checkout, we will charge you for all of the selected records. From there, we will credit the difference between the amount of selected records and the amount that had a match. These credited records will be auto-applied to your next batch of skip traced data!

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What Data Do We Skip Trace?

We will skip trace all exported data. This includes any records that have been scrubbed out or were not priced (see Split Pricing).

What is our Data Source?

All of our skip trace data is being pulled in real time from RealEstateAPI.

How to Optimize hits?

A skip trace "hit" is when we find a match for your owner record. Generally speaking, you will achieve a higher hit rate if you are targeting individual owners. While there may be information for corporate or government owned properties, we have found that it's few and far between.

Skip Trace Data Disclaimer

Please take the time to learn and understand the rules and regulations around skip tracing before using any data. PRYCD LLC is not liable for any usage of its provided skip trace data.


General Compliance


Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)


We will be unable to refund you or credit you for skip traced data that is in your scrubbed out file. If there is an issue with the skip traced data, please let us know!

Please contact support if you have any questions or concerns.

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