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Duplicate Owner Filter

How It Will Work

In order to work within the constraints of our data provider, we are implementing the following:

You will be charged for all of the records you selected. Once the download is complete, we will credit the difference in records (what was removed by Layer 1 of the duplicate filter) to your account as free records for your next purchase. We hope this is acceptable to you!

View Your Record Credits

The Two Layers of Duplicate Filtering

Layer 1: Removing the duplicates on download

The first layer of the duplicate owner filter is to remove the duplicate owners within each target selection during download. This layer removes all duplicates within each target location. Each row of the results table is a target location, which is comprised of a county and acreage range. This is the layer for which you will receive the credit. Our data provider's logic for duplicate owners is to analyze the owner name and the mailing address.

Layer 2: Removing remaining (cross-target location) duplicates after download

The second layer of the duplicate owner filter looks across target locations to find any remaining duplicate owners to scrub out. The goal with this layer is to ensure you do not waste money mailing duplicate owners. Unfortunately, this layer cannot perform a record credit, as the records have already been downloaded and we are simply filtering them out. Our logic for duplicate owners is to analyze only the mailing address.

How Are Duplicates Selected?

In both scenarios of duplicate filtering (for both PRYCD and our data provider), the first record of an owner found serves as the "primary", and all subsequent records that are determined to be a duplicate are removed. This strategy unfortunately cannot be changed.


We will be unable to refund you or credit you for duplicates that exist between target locations (Layer 2). We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and we are working diligently to find a way to improve the way this works!

Please contact support if you have any questions or concerns.

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