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Search Result Limitations

During your search, you may see that the total number of result rows never goes above 200, despite changing your search filters. This is due to the fact that we limit the total number of search result rows to 200. This is simply a technology limitation and not an intentional design choice. What's happening in your searches is that we run your filter criteria against all of the results possible, and then using a simple sorting algorithm, return the "top" 200. This ranking is based on some pricing metrics and county rankings, so it will change as you change your inputs.

To ensure you are returning all possible results, we recommend utilizing our acreage increment and/or min and max acreage filters to effectively break up your search so there are less than 200 total result rows. This can be done by increasing your acreage increment, minimizing your min and max acreage range, or a mix of both. As long as there are less than 200 results, you can use your search filters with a more consistent output!

Please contact support if you have any questions or concerns.

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