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PRYCD vs External Data Provider

What is an External Data Provider?

If you are not familiar with using owner and property data, an external data provider is a company or service that allows you to download vast amounts of real estate data to use in a variety of ways. Some examples of providers include DataTree, ATTOM, Estated, CoreLogic, PropStream, and Black Knight.

How does PRYCD work as a data provider?

All of the ownership and property data that you receive from our website is coming directly from DataTree. As licensed DataTree data providers, we are able to access their databases in real time and pull the exact same property information that is accessible on their site!

Benefits of PRYCD versus Other Providers

  1. No Long-Term Commitment - Unlike most providers, we do not lock you into any long term contracts. We handle the licensing and usage contract with DataTree so you don't have to.

  2. Cheap Property Records - Aside from those that pre-purchase large quantities of data or lock into long term contracts, owner records will cost less through us. This is because we have a contract with DataTree at scale, so we are able to negotiate much better rates and pass those along to you!

  3. Property Pricing - We're able to provide you with an estimated market value for each property when you download with us, which significantly helps streamline the process when sending blind offers or running due diligence with neutral letters.

  4. Automatic Data Scrubbing - We can automatically scrub undesired or unusable data from your final data file, without you having to sift through the data yourself.

  5. Ready to Send Data File -  Most providers will give you a raw data dump of the owner records you download with them, leaving you to create a formatted template that makes sense for your campaign. We provide you with that same file, as well as a cleaned, scrubbed, priced, and ready to go version that can be sent directly to your mail house!

  6. Comp Database - We've aggregated over 2 million comps from Zillow, Redfin,, Lands of America, and Land Flip that we use to create our property pricing models. We are also able to provide those comps to you, along with metrics for any county in the United States. This gives you a one stop shop for all of your lead generation and comping needs!

  7. Research -  We have a whole page dedicated to providing nationwide county research and metrics that you won't find on any other site.

  8. Comp Reporting - We give you the ability to generate custom reports with owner details, property history, pricing analysis, comp analysis, and mapping - all within a single PDF and KML file!

  9. Campaign Mapping - We provide you with the ability to add on a KML campaign map to your export to visualize all of your Owner records and nearby comps in a condensed view on Google Earth.

  10. Polygon Feature - The polygon feature on PRYCD is similar to other providers. The key difference is that in our tool you're able to create multiple polygons at the same time.  We also have a feature where you can upload previously exported polygons, so if you're trying to draw another polygon close by, you can avoid pulling the same records.

  11. Export Volume - You are able to export 25,000 property records at once through us, whereas, for example, you can only export 10,000 at a time in DataTree.

  12. Customer Support - While not feature specific, we truly pride ourselves on the support we provide to our users, ensuring that you get the most help and value out of our product! We strongly believe that our customer support is unrivaled!

Downsides of PRYCD versus Other Providers

  1. Tax, Deed, and Lien Reports - We currently do not offer tax, deed, or lien reports, which is something providers like DataTree and CoreLogic are very good with.

  2. Mapping Feature - We currently do not have the ability to click on a property on a map and pull up the parcel information or download it directly like you can on other sites.


Please contact support if you have any questions or concerns.

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