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The following are common questions and additional useful information regarding the comps in our database!

Where do the comps come from?

Our comps are sourced from the following 5 listing sites:



Lands of America (


How old are the comps?

The comps in our database are updated approximately every 8 weeks. To see when they were last updated, please visit the Research Page.


For Sale comps in our database are what was currently listed for sale at the time of the last update.


Sold comps in our database go back 12 months for all of our sources, except for Lands of America (LoA). Unfortunately LoA does not provide sale information, but we have been told by their team that their sold comps can date back as far as 36 months.

Why don't the number of comps match what I see on the listing site?

One of the biggest reasons for this is because our comp database is formed at a single instant in time. As the listing sites update their databases, our comps will remain constant from the day it was updated.

Another reason for a count difference could be from the use of different filters from when we pulled the comps to when you view them.

Why do some comps have houses on them?

While we strive to source the perfect comps for vacant land, there can occasionally be times when properties marked as "vacant" still have some kind of structure on them. We are continuously working to improve this, but no dataset is perfect. If you do see these comps, please let us know!

How do you collect comps for non-disclosure states?

For states that are non-disclosure states, our collection of sold comps can be limited. While listing sources that primarily use listings from the MLS will not have any sold data, non-MLS listings will! For our database, this will primarily be data from Lands of America ( 

Please contact support if you have any questions or concerns.

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